Mora is a deep, rich, red Andean blackberry ~ and tastes rather like loganberry.

Ice Cream, Sorbets, Lollies

Mora’s deep red colour and intense taste make a great sorbet, lolly or ice cream all year round.

Desserts & Gateaux

Mora makes a great coulis or filling; amazing mousses, fools & cheesecakes and is marvellous with meringue.

Puddings & Patisserie

Try Andean Blackberry & Apple for tarts, pies or strudels; a Mora Roly Poly or an Andean Summer Fruit Pudding.

The Mora ice lolly ~ there are so many uses for Mora!


For an Andean Twist on the classics, try Mora Mojito; Mora Martini & Lime; a Mora Royale or a Morapolitan.


Mora is a novel red wine alternative for mulled mora in winter and sangria-style punches in summer.


Blend Mora with pressed apple for Andean Blackberry Frappés; with coconut or ice cream for Mora Milk Shakes.

Mix it up with Mora ~ for amazing Cocktails, Softails & Shakes!

Mora arrived big-time in the UK this year, with the big dreams of Colombian smallholder farmers.

Mora sorbets and ice cream were launched this summer by two regional food companies.

Try it for yourself ~ Strawberry & Mora Ice cream at The Eden Project, Cornwall.

Try Strawberry & Mora ice-cream ~ at The Eden Project in Cornwall

Cultivating Peace

Two strategic exotic fruits grown by smallholders in Colombia are:

Mora, the deep red Andean Blackberry, grows at cool, high altitudes. Mora is the Berraquera fruit of 2019.

Lulo, which tastes like kiwi or gooseberry and grows at 1,200 – 1,500m. See Lulo video.

Mora Associations

Berraquera is working with two Mora Growers’ Associations:

Asotolda, Roncesvalles, Tolima, where our 2019 Mora is sourced from – a place of reconciliation.

Asmobel, Belén de Umbría Territory of Learning, Risaralda. Their good practices are a model for post-conflict areas.

Climate Challenge

Project Refresh finances two tools to combat climate change:

Dew Collectors reduce water demand by up to 50%; retain soil moisture and eliminate weeds.

Drip Irrigation optimises water use to bring crops through dry seasons, with a huge reduction in the costs of watering.


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