Mora tastes like a combo of raspberry & blackberry ~ with the depth of black cherry

Mulled Mora Winter Warmer

Mix 1:5-6 Mora:Apple Juice

mulled mora

The rich, deep red, tangy Mora makes a great alcohol-free alternative to Mulled Wine.

Mix Mora & Pressed Apple Juice. Add a drizzle of cinnamon & clove-infused sugar syrup; or infuse with a mulled spice sachet for a sugar-free drink. Warm & serve in wine glasses. Garnish: orange twist & clove

3 Easy Steps to Mulled Mora

1 Pouch yields:

  • 20 x 150ml servings – strong
  • 25 x 140ml servings – medium

Mulled Mora Festive Sorbet

Mix 1:4 Mora:Apple Juice


Mora or Andean Blackberry is great with vanilla, coconut, chocolate, coffee, salted caramel ice cream or lemon sorbet.

Whip up a Mora Mousse or an Andean Blackberry Fool. For a Latin touch, serve a Mora Flan (crème caramel) or Dulce de Mora compôte with ice cream or cheesecake.

ices & desserts

Mora Berry Ice Cream


Ring the changes this summer with a Mora Summer Fruit Pudding or Mora Mud Pie. Mora is marvellous with meringue for a pavlova or Andean Mess with toasted coconut.

Get festive this winter with Mulled Mora Sorbet; Mora & Cointreau Ice Cream or Andean Blackberry & Apple strudel.

The Cocktails were presented at La Huerta, Bogota & filmed by Anvar Contenidos

cocktails – an andean twist

Andean Bramble (Martin So)


For Latin cocktails, try a Mora Mojito, Mora Margarita or Mora Libre

For a Twist on Classics, try a Mora Martini, Mora Mudslide, Morapolitan

For Sparkling: Mora Royale, Blackberry Bellini

Pay homage to the ultimate blackberry cocktail with Andean Bramble

mocktails & softails – alcohol-free

Serve Mora in wine glasses for a tangy alcohol-free alternative to red wine.

Stir Mora into pressed apple juice. Pour a Mora Lemonade Spritzer or Elderflower Fizz. Mora Presse: muddle mint, strain, shake with Mora, apple juice & elderflower cordial over ice.

Mulled Mora is fruitier than Mulled Wine. No bitter tanins. No headache. Not just for drivers!

Mora Pressé
The Mora Pressé (Milo Rodriguez)

The Mora Milk Shake


Blackberry & Apple Frappé
Blackberry & Apple Frappé

frappés, shakes, smoothies

For Frappés, blend Mora ice cubes with pressed apple juice.

For Mora Milk Shakes, froth up with milk & ice cream.

For a Morito, whizz with pressed apple, strawberries & mint.


Mora Coconut
Mora Coco Shake

Mora is wonderful for marinades & sauces ~ and goes particularly well with game.

and much, much mora…

Rich red coulis for drizzling over crêpes, ice cream, panna cotta or chocolate mousse.

Mora and Chocolate is a winning combo for Gateaux or Choc Chip Muffins.

Dulce de Mora (with panela & cloves) is a Latin favourite. Mora makes a good glaze or filling for cakes, pies, flans, tarts and patisserie.

Try a Mora Marinade for beef or game.


Mora Coulis (Marlon’s Kitchen)

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