Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Mora, the deep red, tart Andean Blackberry, is a completely different flavour from the UK's sweet black blackberry. In the UK blackberry is not widely marketed; it is highly seasonal and is rarely used as a juice. In Colombia, mora is one of the country's most popular fruits all year round and exceptional for juices. See a foreigner´s experience of Mora video. Mora's rich deep red, together with its tanginess, makes it a great alcohol-free alternative to red wine. Berraquera Mora sales contribute to the wellbeing of smallholder fruit farmers, sustainable development and peace in Colombia.
The Mora is shipped. Concentrate is used, giving maximum value per unit shipped (and road-freighted) - and eliminating the shipping of excess water.
The Fairtrade Foundation has not developed fairtrade criteria for Mora as yet. The farrmers associations are paid by our supplier the day after delivery in a sector where 90 day terms are the norm. By way of a social premium, 2.5% of Mora sales are invested in Project Refresh.
The Mora is not organic. However the Mora is sourced Roncesvalles, a high altitude location (2,300m above sea level), so that the cooler temperatures safeguard crops against diseases which are prevelant in lower, warmer altitudes, thereby keeping pesticides to a minimum. This assures compliance with EU pesticide limits, which is double-checked by Berraquera.
Directly: Generating income in Roncesvalles, a ZOMAC – a Zone Most Affected by Conflict. Indirectly: 2.5% of sales are reinvested in Project Refresh - piloting water management techniques in the Territory of Learning, Belén de Umbría, visited by groups of smallholders from post-conflict areas.
For current stock the Best Before End date is 31 March 2020. Once opened, the Mora Concentrate can be kept for 4-5 days in the fridge. If fully re-sealed, being a concentrate, the mora keeps for at least 10 days.